Two days ago we had a 90 mile ride into Blacksburg and our last and final state. It was one of our most challenging rides of the summer but I had a lot to look forward to which got me through the ride. I was going back to my school and my home state. Although it was hard, it was an awesome day. We had dinner at one of the dining halls and enjoyed our free time for the rest of the night. The next day we had a sponsored breakfast from parents of a previous rider. We also had a friendship visit with Point West Club, which was the first year Push America had a sponsored event with them. It went really well and hopefully it will continue. We had free time and went to the cascades for a bit before a sponsored dinner that night. We had free time the rest of the night and had a short ride to Roanoke this morning. It was only 35 miles and we got to enjoy a day at the lake. We had a friendship visit at the zoo after and now we are done for the night!

Today the team had a 65 mile ride to Beckley and I only made 10 miles then a spoke on my wheel broke. Got it fixed today and it’s ready for the ride to Blacksburg, Virginia tomorrow! Our last state and my home state! Also going to be at Virginia Tech!

This morning we had a 45 mile ride to Charleston and it went pretty quick. We rode into a friendship dinner and lunch and we are going to lodging later. We have a sponsored dinner tonight then free time to watch the opening ceremonies!

Yesterday the team rode 80 miles to Huntington and another new state! One of our crew guys is from Huntington so I let him use my bike to ride into his hometown while I took over his job in public relations and crew for the day. We had an arrival at the City Hall and had a nice visit and dinner then toured Marshall. We went back to lodging and enjoyed free time for the rest of the night.

Today we rode 85 miles to Morehead from Lexington. It was an awesome ride with amazing scenery. It was one of my favorite rides of the trip. We had a sponsored lunch from the Pi Kapps at Morehead State at Cicis Pizza and we all ate a ton. Then for dinner we had Buffalo Wild Wings also sponsored by the Pi Kapps with frozen yogurt for desert! We have a new state tomorrow, West Virginia!

Yesterday we rode a 100 mile ride into Cincy and a new state. It was our only day in Ohio! We had an awesome friendship visit which was called Goalball which is a game made for people with impaired vision. We had a nice dinner then got some sleep for another 100 mile day to Lexington, and another new state! We just had an awesome friendship visit and we are going to enjoy the night off by seeing the new Batman!

Yesterday we had 60 miles to get to Indy and have an awesome arrival and friendship visit at Outside the Box. We had some free time then went to a team members house and had an awesome dinner and a lot of people were there to support us and help us out! Today we have a day off in Indy!

Today we had a 65 mile ride to Bloomington and we made it just in time before a thunderstorm. We had a nice lunch and friendship visit before going to our lodging which is the Pi Kapp house at IU. We have free time until dinner and free time after to enjoy Bloomington!

Yesterday we had 105 miles to get to Terre Haute and we had an arrival on the campus of Indiana State. We had a nice sponsored lunch and lodging by the university. We had an awesome dinner and friendship visit at Happiness Bags before going back and getting rest for the next ride!

Today we rode 70 miles to Vandalia and crossed into another state! We will only be here one day and cross into Indiana tomorrow! The ride was very good and we had a nice sponsored lunch and dinner at a YMCA. Now we are all about ready for bed to get up early and head to Terre Haute, Indiana!